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Botox Warrington

Aesthetic Experts for Botox Warrington

Botox is a prescription drug so we cannot offer it to anyone unless they have done a consultation and qualify for the treatment. Botox is one of the most known treatments & brand for combating the affects of aging. Whether you want to treat fine lines, wrinkles or to look more youthful Botox is a great treatment option. Our expert injectors will have you looking more youthful and help you remove fine lines & wrinkles. Botox has been a well documented and safe treatment for many years now with some medical experts using it to treat other medical conditions.

Is Botox right for me?

Our locally owned and operated botox clinic in Warrington has been helping people achieve their beauty goals for a while now. Botox is a personal decision and many opt for in it’s effective treatment against fine lines and wrinkles. Botox can be a nervous experience especially if it’s your first time wanting to get it done. 

Every new patient recieves a Botox consultation. That we can learn more about your goals and what you’re wanting to achieve and the look you want. We’ll inform you about everything related to the treatment from how it works to aftercare etc. Every patient must have a consult. No treatment will be provided without one.

What is a consult like?

Our consults are done by our Botox professionals. Our highly skilled and trained injectors will speak with you about what you want, your goals and how the treatment will work. 

The most important part is making sure you’re comfortable with going forward with our Botox Warrington treatment and that you’re educated on whats to come. We understand especially if it’s your very first treatment it can be something that is scary. That’s why our experienced staff will have an in-depth consult with you to go over the treatment and your worries or concerns.

amazing botox transformation


All bookings include consultation. 

  • 1 Area £150 – 30 Minutes
  • 2 Areas £200 – 45 Minutes
  • 3 Area £250 – 45 minutes

What Botox can help with

  • Fine Lines
  • Wrinkles
  • Smile lines
  • Anti-aging
  • Excessive Sweating
Warrington Botox

Frequently Asked Questions about botox in warrington

Any injection can potentially hurt but the needles that are used in Botox are very small so pain is usually very minimal. Our injectors are highly trainined experts and have a ton of training and expierence so you’re in safe hands.

Most Botox treatments last around 3-4 months. To have the best results and keep them going you may need some follow up treatments and after the follow up treatments your treatment should start to last longer. 

These two often get confused alot of the time. Botox is for limiting muscle movement that may cause wrinkles and fillers are usually done for building volume. e.g bigger lips. 

is fantastic for treating wrinkles, fine line & achieving a younger look. 

Like anything if you have too much of something it may not be good for you. If you have alot of botox it can give you an “unnatural” look. But we can assure you that your experienced injectors are very experienced and will be able to help you look younger looking while maintaining that “natural” look. 

what our clients say

Felt a difference after first treatment. Vivvy is so lovely, professional and knowledgeable regarding treatments. Clinic is very modern, clean, hygienic and Vivvy always makes you feel at ease. X

Brenda Inman


Vivvy is so lovely and knowledgable, it’s always a joy to visit and I come out feeling thoroughly pampered and renewed! Currently receiving prescriptive microneedling and Vivvy answers any skincare questions or concerns I have. Highly recommended 🙂



Vivvy is absolutely fabulous, she is really friendly, puts you at ease and is very knowledge about all the services she offers. I would definitely recommend a visit

Judith Gildart

New Client

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View Monthly Offers!

We have amazing monthly offers! Check them out to see what amazing savings we’re offering! These change every month so be quick and don’t miss out!

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